11 Foods You Should Have In Your Freezer

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It’s late on a Tuesday evening.
You haven’t even thought about dinner. As it turns out, neither has your spouse.
The kids homework still needs to be done and you’re ravenous. You want to eat healthy, but the fridge is empty. Takeout seems to be the only choice.
A well-stocked freezer can be just the ticket to combat the urge to order a pizza or go grab some Chinese food late at night. You can pack your freezer with a bunch of easy-to-make healthy foods so you’re always ready to make a good meal in a flash.

Here are some of the Village Fitness Favorites:


Frozen berries go great in smoothies or on top of yogurt. You can even eat them plain. Berries provide a great source of antioxidants. Depending on the season, it can be tough to get good berries. Generally, frozen berries are picked at their ripest and frozen. Yum.


Get a huge bag of kale or spinach. Greens tend to wilt and get a little nasty even in the fridge. Since there are only two of us at home (almost three!) we have trouble making it through a large bag of greens before it goes bad.

The freezer will quell your kale-woes. Once you freeze your greens, don’t use them in a salad. Either cook them or throw them into a smoothie. I like to use my greens in smoothies or cooked with eggs or stews.


Banana ice cream anyone? Just add a little bit of milk, some vanilla protein powder, and blend. It’s delicious. You can also throw these in smoothies or just chomp them down when you get a sweet craving after dinner.

Whole Grain Tortillas or Bread

Whole grain breads and tortillas don’t seem to last long enough for a family of two before they go sour. So, throw them in the freezer until you’re ready to use them. Then, nuke the tortillas in the microwave or toast the bread in a toaster when you’re ready to eat it.



Get the boneless, skinless tenders. They defrost and cook quickly. I’m all about healthy eating being fast and convenient. Frozen chicken is a staple in the freezer of a non-vegetarian healthy eater.


Salmon, Tuna, Halibut. It doesn’t really matter what type of fish you choose. They are all good frozen. Get them vacuum sealed if possible to maintain freshness. Defrost them in the fridge overnight before your ready to use.

Smoothie Bags

Throw everything you would use for a smoothie in a large plastic bag (minus the liquid). Put it in the freezer and then pull it out and dump it in a blender when you’re ready to use it. We put frozen berries, greens, protein powder, and all natural nut butter in ours.

Cooked Rice, Grains, or Beans

The next time you make rice, grains, or beans, cook a double batch and freeze what you don’t eat. Let’s face it, grains take along time to cook. This is a great and inexpensive way to always have nutritious options on hand in a flash.


Most shrimp is frozen immediately after being caught.  A big bag of frozen shrimp will still be very flavorful once you’re ready to eat it. Defrost it under running water.

Soups, Stews, Chili’s, Sauces

Soups, stews, and chilis can be a great way to get a host of veggies, beans, and lean meats in a single meal. They usually take a long time to make. Next time, make a little extra (or a lot) and freeze it. It will still be good when you’re ready to eat it.


I’m not just talking about frozen peas and corn. You can throw anything in the freezer: broccoli, green beans, or edamame. These will hold up well and still be yummy once you cook them.


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