Our mission and vision to help folks develop long-term healthy habits and build fitness community is becoming a reality. Since 2015, we have been creating a unique small group personal training and nutrition coaching business unlike any other.

I’m Matt, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and head honcho here at Village. I split my time between Village Physical Therapy and Village Fitness. I love creating culture and empowering our team team to change lives.

Nicole, my lovely wife, has her bachelor’s degree from UC Davis in exercise science and is the head coach at Village. She can out-deadlift just about anyone. She leads the charge for the wonderful coaches at Village. Together, Nicole and I have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.

We started Village because we saw the issues with the fitness world.

Everyone is striving for a quick fix or fad exercise program. But it doesn’t work long-term.

I grew tired of people showing up to me as a personal trainer having just finished another all shake program, 30-day cleanse or no-carb diet. Folks think they need to eat very little, exercise like crazy and they will lose weight. Yeah, you lose weight, but it doesn’t stay off long-term. In fact, it wreaks havoc on your metabolism and makes it tough to lose weight the future.

What people need is sustainable long-term change and accountability. Village was born out of our desire to deliver long-term change, community, and results to as many people as possible.

In November of 2016, Nicole and I welcomed Cooper James Klingler into the world and he has rocked our world!