While we certainly have some world class fitness equipment and fitness instruction here, we are much more than a gym. We are a group of movement specialists seeking to holistically promote you to the best version of yourself through fitness, nutrition, physical therapy, massage, and most importantly, community.

Meet the team

Dr. Matt is a physical therapist and the owner of Village. He has a vision for Village to become a comprehensive solution for helping people optimize their health and live pain free, vibrant lives.

Nicole is married to Matt, mom to Cooper, and a coach at Village. She’s the one you can blame for the really tough (yet effective) workouts. It’s been said she is the “toughest” Village coach. You’ll have to be the judge.

Chuck is the Village Fitness Head Coach.

He leads the charge towards helping moms, entrepreneurs, accountants, and passionate people care for their bodies well through movement and food.

He is a professional spartan athlete, has his masters in exercise science, is a natural leader, and genuinely cool dude.

Dan is a craftsman. He’s a true student of fitness and personal training. He is always learning and looking to improve and become the best coach possible. He plays the electric guitar like nobody else, cycles, and is really disciplined with his nutrition! He and his wife Angie, and their plethora of dogs live in Glendora.

Dr. Erik is a creative genius. He does amazing things with his manual therapy skills, knowledge of the human body, and love for people. He is a doctor of physical therapy. He and his wife Krissy live in Glendora.

Kenneth is the nutrition and accountability coach at Village. He has been known to frequent Waba Grill and some refer to him as the “Waba master”. He also takes amazing pictures like the ones on this page.