About Us


What is Village Fitness about?

Glad you asked. Let me tell you a little about our why, what drives us.

We want to see you get results and develop community around fitness.

If we can get you performing our highly efficient and effective workouts in a community of like-minded people, you’re set up for success. That’s why we’re implementing small-group personal training at Village Fitness. We see small-group personal training as the best way to achieve fitness goals. The beauty is in the group. When you are in community, everything is better. Fitness is no different. You’ll be more encouraged and more likely to reach your goals with a team of people supporting you and spurring you on.

Who are you?

Oh, did I skip that part? I’m Matt. My wife’s name is Nicole. She’s awesome. You’ll catch her coaching classes and interacting with people. She’s a phenomenal coach. I will teach classes from time to time as well. But my real passion is casting vision. I have a vision for Village Fitness. I want to help the people of Glendora radically change their health and fitness.

That’s really cool. So how did you get into this fitness thing?

Well you see, Nicole and I have been passionate about fitness long before we moved to our beloved Glendora.

Heck, we even started our relationship in a fitness context. We met at Athletes in Action while we were both attending UC Davis. I was on the wrestling team and Nicole was on the cycling team. We both worked at the gym on campus and both majored in exercise biology.

Eventually Nicole talked me into doing bike racing and I convinced her to try personal training.

We moved to Glendora as a young married couple when I began pursuing my doctorate in physical therapy.

Now, I’m a doctor of physical therapy, we have a beautiful son named Cooper, and VillageĀ is a reality.

We created Village Fitness as a vehicle to deliver our passion for fitness. I know that if we can get you working with our teamĀ for 3-hours per week, we can drastically improve the other 165.