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How To (Actually) Work Out In The Morning

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It’s 4:58 on a Wednesday morning.

Our client Mike (not his real name) strolls in a few minutes early for his 5am session.

He’s never missed a session here at Village.

In fact, most of our 5am people are super dedicated and rarely miss workouts.

Of the clients I work with online, the most successful have a habit of exercising in the morning.

The beauty of the morning is our willpower. When we exercise in the morning, our willpower is strongest.

So I picked the brains of these lovely early birds to see how they manage to get their workouts in every morning.

7 Secrets

1. Hardcore prep the night before

Simply setting an alarm won’t do the trick.

“I sleep in what I’m going to wear to the gym,” said Alexis one of our most devoted early morning clients.

Lay out everything you need for the following day the night before. I would even go as far as to pre-pack your food for the day to bring to work and pre-set your coffee maker if possible.

The key is to eliminate any shred of choice you would need to make in the morning to get your workout done.  Make it really really easy to get to the gym or out on the pavement.

2. Find a bud

You need accountability. Find someone who will hold you accountable.

If you’re going running, plan a run with someone.

My friend Jake always tells me how he will often skip his morning run and opt instead for the comfort of his bed. But when he has had an appointment to run with a friend, he’s never missed or been late. Not even once.

You can also make an appointment with a trainer. At Village, we text any clients who aren’t here and politely ask “Where the heck are you??”


3. You are a morning person

I get it. Some people are naturally better in the morning. Maybe that’s just not you. But if you always tell yourself you’re useless before 10 a.m., it will become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

You can make life easier by going to bed early each night, not using screens in the hour before bed, and following these wonderful sleep habits.

The more you dwell on having to get up early, the more painful it will become. Think less. Do more.

4. The weather is a lame excuse

We see a down-turn in attendance when the rain hits.

I’ve come to learn that Southern Californias and rain don’t mix. It’s sprinkling outside and you would swear there’s black ice on the road.

I think you’d be better off not watching the weather on the news and just getting your workout in regardless. Unless you are a cyclist, because that could be dangerous.

Some of the best runs I’ve ever had were in the rain.

And the rain absolutely should not affect your ability to get to Village Fitness or your gym, right?

5. Complications

“Just put on your shoes,” says Joel. “That is the key for me. Once my shoes are on, I’ll soon be out the door and far away from the lure of my down comforter.”

It’s simple, really. You just need to figure out what things trigger you to get out the door and do those things every times.

6. Brain and body

“My thought process is , ‘Dang… it’s 4:30, that’s a stupid time to wake up. Maybe my body needs sleep today,’” says James, who has been working out with us for a few months. “But if you can talk yourself out of a workout that early, your mind is already moving. You might as well get your body up with it.”


I’ve never heard someone say “I really regret getting up early for that workout.”

But I always hear “I wish I would have just gotten out of bed and got it done.”

We often talk of FOMO as a bad thing when it comes to food. You don’t want to fear missing out on eating a certain type of food. That sort of thinking leads to over-eating and eating the wrong types of foods.

But with exercise, FOMO is fair game. Feel free to fear missing out. Because you are missing out when you skip your morning sweat-sesh. You can promise yourself you’ll get it in later in the day, but it likely won’t happen.


The clients we have who are the most successful are those who exercise in the morning. Plain and simple.

Armed with a fresh supply of will power, you too can crush your workout, conquer the morning and set yourself up for success.

Here’s to an early morning you,


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