Is It Bad To Eat Before Bed?


I am often asked by our clients at Village if eating right before bed will make them fat. In short, my answer is no. Usually. Some experts say eating before bed does indeed lead to weight gain, while others say it supports a healthy diet. Who are we to believe? The Pre Bed Time Eating Conundrum The detractors to eating …

How To Sleep For Better Fitness


My client Jasmine was frustrated with her lack of weight loss. Jasmine was a working mom with two young kids. She burned the candle from both ends. She always showed up to her workouts exhausted. But she still crushed it. She was slowly getting stronger and losing weight. Her nutrition game was on point as well. She was dutifully tracking …

Why Lose Weight Fast Plans Suck and What To Do About It

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We just finished up our Village Fitness Challenge. It was a huge success. The challenge is by no means a rapid weight-loss program. Yet, many of our participants view it as such. We had more than a few clients become disenchanted when they didn’t lose as much weight in weeks 3 and 4 as they had in the first week.  …

When A Balanced Life Needs To Go


Lately, I’ve been thinking often about having balance in life. As of right now, my life is not balanced. Nicole and I both have a disproportionate focus and energy on our work. And I’m ok with that. We have a vision for Village Fitness. We want to help create and amazing fitness community online and in Glendora. We want to …


Why The Biggest Losers Have Gained It All Back


Contestants of season 8 of The Biggest Loser lost hundreds of pounds. Yes, hundreds. But then, they gained it back. Some of them are even heavier now than before the show.  Did they stop exercising? Nope. Did they start to binge-eat again? The researchers don’t think so. A recent study may help to shed some light on why drastic and rapid …

Can I Eat Sugar?

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Sugar. Perilously destructive, deceptively sinister, completely debilitating, and absolutely delicious. Sugar gets the blame for making you fat as well as a drove of other crimes, including diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease, dementia, eye problems, kidney failure, and high blood pressure. If I had to point a finger at the largest culprit to america’s ever-expanding waist line, it would be sugar. …


Her Clothes Didn’t Fit Anymore


Her clothes didn’t fit anymore… “I have a bone to pick with you,” said Emma. T Not exactly the words a personal trainer wants to hear from a client. “Yes?” I asked hesitantly. “None of my clothes fit. Literally, none of them fit and I have to wear a dress to a party tomorrow!” Now I was really starting to get worried. …


Why Your Diet Is Going To Fail


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you’ve tried many diets before. Yet, here you are, reading this article. I believe all diets work. Any diet which restricts your calories to the point of a deficit is going to lead to weight loss. But if it were this easy, everyone would be skinny. There are some important …


The Crazy Things Women Believe About Protein (And The Truth)


I bet you’re just like me. You’ve probably felt the same way am me about protein at some point in your life. I’ve been active my entire life. I played sports growing up, bike raced in college, and continue to remain active even during pregnancy. But, for a long time, I associated protein with getting overly large muscles. You don’t …

Don’t Toss Your Egg Yolks


Ahh the egg yolk. The Darth Vader of the nutrition world. At first, everyone loved them, like Anakin Skywalker. Then, they somehow became evil. But our beloved egg yolks, much like Darth Vader still have some good in them. I would even argue they have a lot of good in them. The villanization of the yolk It all started in …