The Busy Mom’s Guide To Staying Fit


Just having a babe in my belly has been enough to turn my world upside down.   This was me at about 19 weeks prego: I can’t imagine when I have a little munchkin (or munchkins) running around and demanding my attention. Life will certainly change. Attempting to live a healthy and fit life as a mom is a difficult …

Fitness In Community Is Better


Have you committed to an exercise routine before? Did it stick? Sadly, most well-intentioned people don’t stick their routines; especially the ones going at it alone.  So what can you do to ensure fitness becomes an essential part of your life? Community Our mission at Village Fitness Glendora is to get our clients long-term results and develop community around fitness. We …


Stay Fit While Traveling


It’s quite the hot summer here in Glendora. I hope you’ve had or will have a chance to escape the heat for a little vacay. Ahh, summer vacation – the wonderful time of year where we eat all the bacon burgers and skip all the workouts. I’m right there with you. Staying fit while traveling is a struggle. Whether you …

The Most Important Habit For Losing Weight


You go to bed with the best intentions for the next day.  The night before, you have some idea what the next day will hold: when your workout will be, what you will be eating, etc. Some days it’s more clear than others. This is how you see tomorrow morning going: 5:00am; wake up 5:15am; bodyweight workout 5:45am; shower and get read …


3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight


My client Jenna is a mom of 3 young, high-energy kids. Before kids, she was super skinny. Through having kids and life, 20 pounds has crept onto her small frame. She came to me to help her lose the kid-weight and lose it fast. We got her lifting weights, following a solid nutrition plan and moving more often. When she …


How Pokemon Go Is Secretly Helping People Stay Leaner


Nicole and I took my dad and uncle out for dinner to Luca Bella in downtown Glendora this week. We sat outside and had a great evening together. As we were eating, my uncle remarked at the inordinate amount of young people out walking together. He asked, “is there something going on tonight? There are a ton of kids out!” …


5 Rules For Eating Out


Why can eating out derail weeks of excellent progress? Sure, it’s easy to make good choices at home in our familiar environment. But once we hit a restaurant, it’s as if all bets are off and we eat to no end! Eating out has been a big personal struggle for me. I often overeat when I dine out and always …

Why Good Sleep Can Lead To Better Fat-Loss And How To Get It


My Client Sally (not her real name) walks into the gym with bags under her eyes. She looks tired, so I ask how she slept.   “Terrible,” she replies. “Why?” I ask. “I only slept a few hours last night. It took hours to fall asleep,” she laments. As she begins her workout, she can only do 2 pull-ups. Last week, …

The 4th of July Workout

I sure do love the 4th of July. BBQ, sun, pool-time, and fireworks. To start your 4th off right, join us for a virtual workout of the day to celebrate American the beautiful. All you need is your body, a mat (optional), and a flight of stairs. The workouts consists of 2-12 minute AMRAPS (As Many As Pretty). This means …


Black Coffee Can Boost Fat-Loss


Who doesn’t love a good cup of joe? It seems like there is always a new article or view-point on coffee. It’s cancer-fighting one week and the next, it’s a prime suspect for alzheimer’s. The public opinion on java is as muddy as truck stop joe. My hope for this article is that it helps you feel better about your …