21 Days To A New You


It seems like everyone and their dog is on a quick-fix diet. In my community, the most popular are The 21 Day Fix and Whole 30. These diets work. Everyone I’ve spoken with who has followed a diet like this and stuck close to the plan has lost weight. However, most people I’ve talked to report gaining the weight back and no longer …

The No Shenanigans Workout Plan

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Everyone wants the magic formula for weight loss. As a fitness professional, I am asked about this constantly. My first thought is that there really isn’t a magic formula. My second thought is does in the magical world of Harry Potter even exercises? Even their sport of choice, quidditch, doesn’t really require any exercise. Right? So naturally, we must assume they have a …


2 Free Bodyweight Workouts

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Life has gotten busy. I used to have a few hours day I could devote to exercise. I was doing long lifting workouts 4 days a week and a few long bike rides or runs.  Now, I only have a few hours per week. Apparently starting a gym while finishing your doctorate in physical therapy is time consuming. Who woulda’ …

8 Workout Sabotuers And How To Avoid Them

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You know what it’s like to have a killer workout. You walk into the gym feeling unstoppable. The warm-up is effortless. First, you do your Back Squats. The weight goes up easily. The 90 seconds of rest you are taking feels like too long; you just want to get to your next set! You do Chin-ups and hit a new …


Why Your Diet Shouldn’t Start On Monday


My client Susan is on a diet and doing well. She is 10 days in and it’s a Wednesday. Susan’s following all my advice; she’s eating eggs with veggies for breakfast, having a big salad for lunch and changed dinner to include mostly lean meats, vegetables and the occasional sweet potato. Susan is out to dinner with her husband Steve. …


4 Tips For Dominating Belly Fat


Friday afternoon: I walk into the gym on a Friday afternoon excited to train my last two clients of the week. My client is just finishing his foam roller warm-up. He is surrounded by people doing every core exercise imaginable. I greet him with a smile and tell him what I have planned for the day’s session. He eats up …


How to Hack Your Will Power


Willpower is a limited resource. Unfortunately, temptation is inevitable. The more we strive to eliminate temptation from our lives, the more desirable those temptations become. For example: eliminate sugar and dairy from your diet and you’ll dwell on a the wonders of vanilla bean ice cream all day.  You’ll have a keen awareness of the apple tart your wife decided to …