Hazel and Dave were two of our first Village Fitness Forever clients.

When we started out, I thought Hazel would not be a good fit for the program. Her balance was poor and she couldn’t get up from the ground. But she insisted.

The Village Fitness Forever program is designed to help folks over the age of 55 to improve their strength, balance and endurance.

Our 50 minutes small group training workouts combine everything you need in a fitness program.

A few months in Hazel was able to not only get on the ground, but get back up without assistance. She’s maintaining her mobility, independence, and thriving.

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    The Focus

    We start with a 7-minute warm up we call the Focus. During the Focus, we get our bodies and minds ready for the workout at hand. We encourage clients to set their intentions on having an amazing workout and connect the next 50 minutes of exercise to the goals they are striving to reach.ach.

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    The Heart

    During the Heart we do strength training. In a typical session, we hit one movement from each of the 6 basic human movements: push, pull, rotation, squat, lunge, hinge. Strength training is beneficial for everything from warding off chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer to improving our bodies ability to burn fat as fuel and get the body we want.

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    The Apex

    This is our high intensity finisher. We turn up the music, get our heart rates up, spike our metabolism and spend 5-10 minutes working really hard. It’s amazing how much you can get done in 5 to 10 minutes. Especially as we age, it’s important to impose healthy stresses like high intensity exercise on our bodies.

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    The Wind Down

    Last, we do our Wind Down. The Wind Down combines yoga, stretching, and deep breathing. It culminates a Village Fitness Small Group Training session and connects what a client has just done to their goals and aspirations.

Nutrition Coaching and Accountability

The other piece of our Village Fitness Forever program is nutrition coaching and accountability. Each month, Kenneth, our accountability coach helps our clients to choose and implement new healthy habits into their lives.

Instead of putting our clients on a strict diet, we help them to make long-term changes which will get them the body and health they want and help them to stay there long-term.