What Are Good And Bad Fats?

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Healthy Fats

Fats and oils for cooking
• Olive
• Butter
• Peanut (especially good
when used with small
amounts of antioxidantrich
sesame oil)
• Bacon fat
• Coconut
• Palm oil
• Macadamia nut
• Avocado
• Hazelnut
• Lard
• Duck and goose fat
Oils for dressings and dips
• All of the above cooking
• Walnut
• Flax
• Sesame
• Wheat germ


Toxic Fats

Avoid these oils:

• Canola oil

• Corn oil

• Soy oil

• Cottonseed oil

• Sunflower oil

• Safflower oil

• Grapeseed oil

• Rice bran oil

Avoid these foods if they contain any vegetable oil:

• Chocolates (look for cocoa butter or milk fat. Dove, Hershey’s, and most organic chocolates use healthier fats)

• Salad dressings (dressings are super easy to make anyway, see Rules)

• Cookies (look for butter) • Granola (look for coconut or olive oil)

• Breakfast cereal (this eliminates most boxed cereals, see the breakfast menu in the appendices)

• Bread (most commonly used vegetable oils for bread making are canola and soy. Look for breads made with healthier oils or no oil)

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