As parents, we want to see our children become healthy and active adults, but statistically, most children will end up being sedentary and unhealthy adults. Yet if we look at children, they naturally love to move. There is a disconnect between kids inherent joy of movement and the sedentary lives most adults live.

The disconnect is in the way we are teaching kids to move and use their bodies. We have removed the joy from movement. The traditional way of doing physical education is broken. Kids don’t leave high school or college equipped with the tools to thrive as a fit adult. If we can get our children to learn how to connect their joy of movement now to exercise at a young age, it will carry over into adulthood.

This is our mission with Village Fitness Kids.

Our hope is to harness the joy and passion kids naturally have for movement and teach them how to use it as exercise. We understand every child is an individual with a unique learning style. With Village Fitness Kids, we get to know each child and cater to their learning style.

With our younger kids, we’re focused more on making movement fun and game-like.

As our kids near adulthood, we help them cultivate an intrinsic enjoyment of exercise and movement that will help them to become healthy, active adults.

Sessions are 40 minutes long and can have up to 8 kids.