Personal Training in Community

Small Group Personal Training is personal training in community.

At Village, our mission is to gather small groups of 2-6 together and create an experience where they get all the benefits of one on one personal training in a group setting.

One on one training is great because it provides individualization but can get stale because you’re with the same person and let’s face it, it’s expensive. Boot camp or other large fitness studio type workouts are great because they are high energy and communal but they lack in their attention to form or accountability outside of the classes.

Village Fitness Small Group Training combines the benefits of one on one personal training, a workout tailored to your ability level, form correction, and accountability with the pros of a community atmosphere, encouragement, energy, and affordability.

Most folks come in for Small Group Training 2 to 3 days per week.

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    The Focus

    We start with a 7-minute warm up we call the Focus. During the Focus, we get our bodies and minds ready for the workout at hand. We encourage clients to set their intentions on having an amazing workout and connect the next 50 minutes of exercise to the goals they are striving to reach.

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    The Heart

    Then, we move into the Heart. During the Heart we do strength training. In a typical session, we hit one movement from each of the 6 basic human movements: push, pull, rotation, squat, lunge, hinge. Strength training is beneficial for everything from warding off chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer to improving our bodies ability to burn fat as fuel and get the body we want.

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    The Apex

    Next, we move into the APEX. This is our high intensity finisher. We turn up the music, get our heart rates up, spike our metabolism and spend 5-10 minutes working really hard. It’s amazing how much you can get done in 5 to 10 minutes. Workouts that are high intensity the entire time may seem helpful, but it puts immense stress on the body. We’ve found the 5 to 10 minute APEX the perfect dose of high intensity exercise to get our clients the results they want. You’ll finish each sessions sweaty, feeling like you worked out, and smiling.

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    The Wind Down

    Last, we do our Wind Down. The Wind Down combines yoga, stretching, and deep breathing. It culminates a Village Fitness Small Group Training session and connects what a client has just done to their goals and aspirations.

Nutrition Coaching and Accountability

The other piece of our small group training program is nutrition coaching and accountability. Each month, Kenneth, our accountability coach helps our clients to choose and implement new healthy habits into their lives.

Instead of putting our clients on a strict diet, we help them to make long-term changes which will get them the body and health they want and help them to stay there long-term.


Sandra sat across from me and told me she was ready to change her habits, lean out and set herself up for long-term health.

6 months later, she was over 20 pounds lighter and felt 20 years younger.

She didn’t go on a crash diet or exercise like crazy. In fact, she was only working out at Village twice a week!

But she made serious changes to the way she was eating. With the help of habit based coaching at Village, she was able to start implementing eating slowly, mindfully, and stopping as she got full.

She attributes a big portion of her success to strength training and the effects it has had on elevating her metabolism. Not only has she lost 20 pounds, but she really likes the way it’s made her body look.



Paul recently passed the 30 pound mark of weight loss.

I saw him recently, and noticing a marked difference in his weight, said, “Paul! You look great.”

“Matt, I feel great,” he replied!. “I’ve lost 30 pounds and the doc says my cholesterol levels are now at a good level.

The best part is Paul didn’t go on a crash diet or start exercising for hours each week. He simply started doing our small group training workouts at Village 3 days per week and made small nutritional changes. He didnt even change anything he was eating. But he started eating slowly and stopping at 80% full. 6 months later, he’s down 30 pounds, lowered his cholesterol, and feels better than he’s felt in decades.

If you are looking to lose weight, have better digestion, or get healthier, I would encourage you to be like Paul and start with how fast you’re eating and how much food you eat.

Strength training, eating slowly, and a little less. It’s not a magic formula.