Meet Sandra

Sandra sat across from me and told me she was ready to change her habits, lean out and set herself up for long-term health.

6 months later, she was over 20 pounds lighter and felt 20 years younger.

She didn’t go on a crash diet or exercise like crazy. In fact, she was only working out at Village twice a week!

But she made serious changes to the way she was eating. With the help of habit based coaching at Village, she was able to start implementing eating slowly, mindfully, and stopping as she got full.

She attributes a big portion of her success to strength training and the effects it has had on elevating her metabolism.

Not only has she lost 20 pounds, but she really likes the way it’s made her body look.

Meet Paul

At Village, we are all about small, lifestyle changes leading to big, long-term results.

That’s why we do habit-based nutrition coaching with all of our clients and get them strength training with weights that are challenging.

Paul, a client of ours, recently passed the 30 pound mark of weight loss.

I saw him recently, and noticing a marked difference in his weight, said, “Paul! You look great.”

“Matt, I feel great,” he replied!. “I’ve lost 30 pounds and the doc says my cholesterol levels are now at a good level.

The best part is Paul didn’t go on a crash diet or start exercising for hours each week.

He simply started doing our small group training workouts at Village 3 days per week and made small nutritional changes.

He didnt even change anything he was eating. But he started eating slowly and stopping at 80% full.

6 months later, he’s down 30 pounds, lowered his cholesterol, and feels better than he’s felt in decades.

Eating slowly and to 80% full are the two habits I consider the keystone or most important for a person looking to lose weight.

If you are looking to lose weight, have better digestion, or get healthier, I would encourage you to be like Paul and start with how fast you’re eating and how much food you eat.

Pick one of the two. Spend a month working on that habit and only that habit. Then, once you get it down, move on to the second.

I guarantee if you master these two habits, you’ll feel better and be more successful with weight loss.

Strength training, eating slowly, and a little less. It’s not a magic formula.

If anyone tells you there is a magic formula to weight loss, turn around and run the other direction.

What you really need is help with implementation and direction. I think this is the biggest way we help people at Village. We don’t have a magic formula. We do effective strength training and cardio workouts and blend it with habit-based nutrition coaching.

The key with what we do is that we give direction. We hold our clients accountable to show up, work out in our personal training sessions and personalize the workout and nutrition habits to each individual.