The Clean and Lean Challenge

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Let me tell you a bit about our Clean and Lean Challenge.

The Clean & Lean Challenge has one objective:

For 6-weeks, eat real food and consistently get movement in.

Throughout the challenge, our expectations of you are very simple.

1. Each day you will eat real food, none of that processed junk. We will explain more about what that means later.

2. Daily, to update us on your progress you will check-in with a simple yes or no answer to the question “Did you eat ONLY real foods yesterday?” Don’t worry, this will pop up on your smartphone or be in your email inbox every morning around 9 am. You simply need to answer truthfully.

3. After your check-in, you will receive a daily lesson to give you tips, tricks, and motivation along the way. The lessons will be your home base. They will contain links to our private Facebook group, our Pinterest recipe page, and all the guides we have created to help ensure your success. You only need to remember one place, your lesson, and you will be able to get everywhere else from there.

4. Get your workout in at Village or at home.

This is the time of year when it gets challenging to stay lean, build good habits, and see results. I heard a stat that the average person gains something like 5-10 pounds between October and December. Crazy!

The holidays are a tough time for even the most disciplined of us.

At Village we are all about slow, consistent habit changes. I can’t stand the quick fix diets, outrageous weight-loss claims, and shake fads so many people fall prey too.

However, I do think there is immense value in focusing intensely on making healthy changes for a period of time.

I call it a surge.

A surge is a short, defined, intense period where you put extra attention towards a specific area of your life. It could be your work (finishing a PhD), finances (finally paying off student loans), family (like when you have a newborn), or health and fitness (like the challenge I’m about to tell you about).

Thus I present to you, the *Clean and Lean Challenge*.

Dates: The challenge will start on November 6th and run for 6 weeks until December 16th. We will have a one-week prep week starting on October 30th.

Workouts: 2X per week of personal training at Village (in-person only) + 3 days per week of workouts to do on your own via a video. 1 day per week of cardio (preferably outside), and one yoga workout

Nutrition Coaching And Accountability

  • Weekly nutrition coaching check ins.
  • 1X per week accountability/nutrition coaching live at Village. Kenneth, our accountability coach will be leading a 1 hour workshop centered on making long-term changes and helping you stick with them. We will record this and send it out if for some reason you cannot attend.
  • 3 Assessments during the challenge


  • In person: $500. Just $399 if you sign up before Wednesday October 25th.
    Workouts: 2X per week of personal training at Village. 3X per week at home on your own.
  • Online: $200. $149 if you sign up before next Wednesday October 25th.

I would love to help you get in great shape and learn how to stay there long-term.

Let me know if you think this would be a good fit for you,


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