When A Balanced Life Needs To Go

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Lately, I’ve been thinking often about having balance in life. As of right now, my life is not balanced. Nicole and I both have a disproportionate focus and energy on our work.
And I’m ok with that.
We have a vision for Village Fitness. We want to help create and amazing fitness community online and in Glendora. We want to help people create massive long-term change in their health and fitness.
It will take and has taken an immense amount of energy at the beginning. We’ve had to sacrifice a lot in our lives for our vision to come to fruition.

Everyone will tell you having balance is essential to a good life.

“You need a balance of healthy eating, fitness, family time, and work.”

But, most good things on this earth were created by someone who was obsessive. Think of all the great companies you know. Facebook. Apple. Air BNB. The brains behind these companies worked tirelessly to make their dream a reality.

Now, I think it’s really important to have balance. But sometimes, it’s ok to let our balance shift towards one area.

This is called a surge.

When we surge, we enhance our focus and create immense change in a certain area of life.

For Nicole and I, our surge has been getting Village Fitness going. We’ve been on this surge for the last 6 months. We get up before 5 am most days of the week and finish work around 8 at night. It’s been crazy. We certainly don’t plan to sustain this sort of work life long-term. But for now, it’s a surge.

Surging is about giving your all to something for a short period of time to grow in that area or create massive change.

Maybe you need a surge in your health or fitness. 

I’m certainly not suggesting you go on a crash diet or do endless amounts of cardio. That’s not the type of surge I’m thinking of.

But, you may need a shift in your priorities for a time. Maybe you need to sit down with family or those close to you and tell them for the next 6 months, you will be intentionally pursuing a large change in your health or fitness.

This will look different for each person. Maybe for you it’s sticking to a meal plan each week. It could also be adopting the habit of daily exercise. Possibly you’re doing one of our challenges and focusing intently on following the meal plan and doing the workouts each day.

I think the problem for most people in their fitness journey is that they don’t approach it with enough intensity. They don’t realize the amount of sacrifice that will be necessary to accomplish their goals.

You didn’t get out of shape in moderation and you won’t get back your health and fitness without taking massive action.

When one area in life is out of balance, it will take a major shift towards that area to create the balance and change you want.

In a surge you keep the most important and necessary things in life: your faith, your family and your ability to make money.

Then, eliminate the rest.

Anything that is not necessary or would hold you back has got to go.

Surge and create a massive change in your life and the world.

Then rest.


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